Rude coworker?

So I just returned back to my old job that I started working at a year ago. I quit in January for a better opportunity but that didn’t go so well so I decided to come back. As I came back there were more people hired when I left. This one guy named Kevin was hired 2 months after I left so he’s been there for 6 or 7 months now. Kevin is the one who’s giving me a bad time, hes very rude to me and gets along with everyone else so I don’t understand it. My first day working with Kevin was pretty good we seemed to get along well and I thought we’d make good friends. But when I came back 2 days later to go in, my manager called me in the back and said I have to work harder and I was confused cause I do work hard so I didn’t understand. Kevin basically told my manager that I don’t restock my area when I’m on cash register when clearly I do restock. He also talks about me to others literally in FRONT OF ME. I’ll be standing next to him and it’s like he purposely talks about me in front of me because he knows I’m there. He also calls me out in front of everyone when I’m doing my job right. At my job, there’s 3 main managers. In order it’s Karen, Juan, and then Bryan. Kevin is assistant manager and another coworker of mine and even myself have said he takes his title as assistant manager way too seriously... what should I do about this situation? Also when I go to clean something he’ll tell me “thank you I appreciate it” as if I’m not doing enough when I do the most. What can I do?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Kevin gets along with everyone...except you...think about that for one second to figure out where the problem lies.

    You expect the job to be like you left...but it may have changed.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Try being sarcastic with him. Also stand up for yourself. He's two faced and a typical.liberal who will throw you under a bus.

    Go above him to higher management and explain yourself. Stop trying to be friends with him also. That's your mistake. Don't kiss his butt either.

    See about transferring to another area also.

    Feel free to speak up for yourself.

  • H
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Kevin sounds a bit like me when I used to be assistant manager at the movie theater. You do you work and we will get along just fine. If you don't do what you are supposed to do when we are gonna have a problem. He seems like the guy who doesn't sugar coat sh*t and will be blunt about your performance.

    Take into consideration that standards may have changed to improve service so you will have to keep up with that. Don't just settle for how good you were doing. Always make room for improvement.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Here are some suggestions:

    1.  Accept that the standards have changed since you last worked at this job.

    2.  Accept that Kevin IS above you in rank and has every right to criticized or critique your work.

    3.  If everyone else gets along with Kevin, then the place to look for a problem is with yourself.  Sorry.  

    4. The only way to clear the air is to have a calm, rational, private conversation with the Kevin.

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  • Gert
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    4 weeks ago

    I would talk to HR about this.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Kevin is assistant manager and he gets along with everyone else. The problem is you. You're actually here complaining that he thanks you for cleaning.

    Grow up. You have an attitude problem. Stop bitching about the boss to your coworker. Just do your job or find a new one. Oh wait, things didn't work out at the "better" opportunity either. Hmm...

    My guess is that you waltzed back into this job expecting to be treated like you never left. You were there for three months and that was almost a year ago. You're on Kevin's turf now so get a grip.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You can stop being so sensitive and just do your job.  At least that sounds like a much simpler and more attainable goal than devoting mental effort into figuring out how to get someone else to act in accordance with your preferences.  

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