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When American tax payers pay to host state events at trump properties, do we get a discount or is it full price?


Or, does the discounts only go to host gop rallies?

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  • A.J.
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    10 months ago

    Even if discounted, accounting can be manipulated and there are various ways to look at cost.

    I live in Las Vegas. If a casino hotel room is empty, it generates zero revenue and is a loss for certain costs of maintaining temperature, overall property taxes, etc. Suppose a room that is otherwise not rented because the hotel is not at it's capacity fully rented is given away for free, at ZERO room charge. That patron still will pay for restaurants, possibly other services and amenities. When that patron has staff or security accompanying them, or media reporters staying in other rooms, those extra people are not given free rooms and also pay for services.

    The room prices in Las Vegas are a variable amount. That is, the rates are discounted normally and only on a few special days are full prices charges. The full price, called rack rate, is almost always discounted.

    For example, when the President visits his resorts to play golf one day in every five, the taxpayers pay for his plane, all staff, and charges such as hundreds of thousands of dollars the Secret Service pays for golf carts.

    Of course there are discounts, but even for free, the President gets money he would not get if the event wasn't there. The American taxpayers have paid about $109 million for Trump to play golf after Trump criticized Obama for playing golf at local government bases. He said he will have no time for golf, but plays far more and each trip at far more cost than Obama. 70 political rallies, golf, television watching, and Twitter fill Trump's time.

    Answer is there is a discount. So what? We still pay when we shouldn't, and it is still adding money to his pockets even if there is no charge at all for the rooms, a 100% discount is a profit on an empty room filled by a dignitary.

    Add- I have an MBA and worked in Procurement Engineering and live in a resort city. Few people understand costs and revenue. How can a person be given a "free" cellular phone and companies still make profits?

    Add 2- "At cost" has little meaning in a hotel. Another example, buy a car at dealer invoice and the dealer makes a profit.

  • Susie
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    10 months ago

    Yes, it was at cost. Liberals whining and forcing events to be held at. non trump properties will cost the taxpayers millions. See where their priorities are. Tax money really means nothing to libs. Talk about biting off your nose to spite your face.

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