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AirForce MEPS Questions?

I'm going to MEPS in a few days if someone could answer a few questions that would be very much appreciated.

I was told by my recruiter, at the end of MEPS I will have to pick 8 AFSCs and 1 aptitude index. Do I need to pick an aptitude index and if so which one would be for mostly computers?

What should I wear?

What happens after I sign into DEP? Do I go home until I get a date for bootcamp or do they just take me then?

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    You need to supply a best answer. Someone stopped their work to help you and you don’t even respond.

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    at meps, you list 8 afsc's and one aptitude area--- general is the area with the computer afsc's

    you have no choice in the matter, you list them, or you don't enlist

    2. then you swear into DEP and go home.

    in a month or so, your recruiter will call you and let you know the AFSC the air force assigned you or the aptitude area they assigned and what your ship date to basic will be

    expect it to take about 6 months before you ship to basic

    3. some AFSC's only have one or two class's per year at tech school, so depending on your AFSC, you have to wait till a class spot opens up.

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