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My wife is very condescending when it comes to not following through with  any decision she want to do. have any one experience this?

My wife like to propose a decision but don't follow through. For instance one minute she is like " we got to move" and the next we got to finish school. then she would  discuss about moving to another state. In my opinion I believe ever since she got involve in text with another security guard behind my back and the result lead to him making her out to be a whore have made her want to make the decision to move. another thing is I just got this job and never network with  no one to get it and i feel she i s sabotaging that. she is in school about to finish and we have a sun that is special needs that is already in a private school and the thought of moving at the moment without planning does not make any sense but she claim we do? there is no plan. at least when i plan something i literally follow through step by step. again i just believe she is moving to cover up her embarrassment what are your thoughts?

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  • Foofa
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    Appears that you married a bit of a flake. But now you have a child with special needs and his wellbeing needs to come ahead of everything else. If your wife is completing her education she'll soon be able to get a better job than security guard and then things might look differently to both of you.

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  • 9 months ago

    not a great marriage if one is the only one that has control. it's an unequal marriage.

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