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Betta seems uncomfortable...what to do?

When I was researching betta I saw that they typically like to rest on things such as leaves and rocks. However, whenever my betta is resting he always just floats in the corner. Should this be a cause for concern? He seems perfectly active besides that. Should I provide other things to rest on, like a leaf hammock? 


Should also add that he floats in the corner right by the heater. Maybe he's just cold?

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    They prefer to be camouflaged and will hover under rocks that protect them on three sides, this gives them an advantage when a trespasser goes by since he isn't redily seen and it protects him from attacks from the bottom and from behind so he can feel secure and really sleep for a few minutes.

    Anything that provides a nook, cranny, overhang, shelter as long as at least two sides are protected he will choose over an open area or one with just one rock or just one small plant to hide their outline.

    Our rainbow beta male likes hanging in the corner by the air tube, he fit just past the filter so his side and back are protected and he had the outside of the aquarium protecting the third side, he didn't worry about attqcks from above because of the bubble currents so this was preferred over the little ceramic hut we aso had in the tank.

    The small frye were always hanging out in the buildings with doors and windows. They were tiny enough to fit in the buildings so we blocked the large door with a fake plant so the adult fish could not just swim in the house and eat the babies at their leisure. The adults often hung on a side with a window waiting for someone to come out but they're not bright enough to look on any of the remaining three sides. When the fish were waiting the babies were smart enough not to swim out into the danger of being someone's dinner.

    Betas are smarter then the average fish, they always keep an eye on whomever they felt was a threat in the tank. Survival of the smartest and fastest.

    Your fish Will eventially find a spot where he feels secure in enough to catch some sleep. Our favorite thing to build in the smaller was a shed like area made from quartz stones, they are quite pretty. We stacked the largest stones at the bottom and the big flat wide one we used as a roof, the smaller ones brought the sides forward making a little cupboard for them to hang in. The back of the entrance was butted up against the glass sonobody coud sneak in from behind.

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    Collect some of his poo pellets, put them in a joint, and smoke them

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