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Fear of loud noises from an old neighbour? ?

Hi im 17 and i have a major fear of loud noises. I suffer with anxiety generally so im a bit more sensitive anyway. I think i know what worsened it though. Long story short i used to live next to this woman and she was insane like psycho and made me so anxious. I used to hear stomping and doors slamming even at night it kept me awake. We’d hear her screaming in the night too at her child and banging doors it would shake me. She made my life hell. I don’t know if it’s that that’s affected me and made me so scared of noise. I do feel really on edge and scared now. Now im currently staying at a relatives until we find somewhere to move 

and i hear their neighbours kids sometimes running up the stairs and banging etc. I get so scared even though it’s just kids simply playing and being kids that is obviously expected, it scares me so bad. I’m easy to panic, my chest goes right and i get really depressed. My anxiety is a lot worse than it ever was. I swear it’s cause of that neighbour, she’s made me fearful of noise and paranoid of other neighbours so what can i do to overcome it, any advice? it’s really affected me :(

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    You are ill. Go and see a doctor.

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