Self-Plagiarism??? Do I reword my own assignment and then cite myself?

So here's the thing, I had a really easy time in my communications class that was a hybrid course. I had an A in the class and everything was going well, but then I misread the final exam date (which was done online) and ended up failing the class. The teacher's pretty stuck up and was like "too bad." So, I plan to take the exact same course with the exact same material and I wanted to know if I submit my projects from the first time I took the class, would I get in trouble for self plagiarism? I believe my school abides by these rules, but I think it's stupid as it's my second time taking the class because I missed an easy final exam... If the answer is yes, is there any way to get around it? Like can I just but my name in the citation and then reword the project? If that's still plagiarism I think its stupid, because if I choose the same assignment topic, and then I worked on the same goddamn project, I would probably have the same answers and the same way of approaching it anyways. I just wanna get this stupid class over with already and not miss the final exam.. Plz help :,( 

1 Answer

  • 10 months ago

    Any assignment that is resubmitted or 10-25% copy of previous assignment will trigger the plagiarism detection. Try to speak with the unit coordinator and tell them you're situation. The might allow you to do a supplementary exam or participate in the unit without doing the assignment.

    If you're in Australia and miss an exam get a doctor certificate.

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