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Could you be denied a degree for this?

I'm applying to college. I only live 30 minutes from said college, so I won't be living on campus. For the degree I'm looking at, you are required to take phys ed, but only during the 4th semester for whatever reason. Anyway, I already go to the gym 4-5 days a week so I think it would be kind of dumb to also be taking a gym class. Do you think if I just skipped it there would be a good chance of being denied the degree?

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    What a royal waste of time unless you are a kinesiology major.

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    Yes, I do. My Tulane college required 4 semesters of phys ed. 2 semesters of swimming unless you could pass the swimming test.

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    It's one freaking PE class. I had to take SIX gym classes to get my degree. See if you can get a ze credit by getting a high enough bowling score (as I did) or by demonstrating your competence in another area. If not, just suck it up and take the class. You're going to be on campus anyway for your other classes.

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    If passing that class is a graduation requirement, then you will not receive your degree unless you take and pass that class.  You probably won't pass it if you skip it every time.  You can always see if there are ways to "test" out of that class or requirement through some alternative activity (e.g., your gym routine), but it's probably easiest to just jump through the hoop and take the class. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes, absolutely.  ANY and ALL graduation requirements must be met in order to earn the degree.  End of story.  You are free to meet with people in the admissions department to determine whether or not there are ways to meet the PE obligation outside of attending a class on campus.  

  • 2 months ago

    I think if you just skipped it there would be every chance of being denied the degree.

    You need to meet the degree requirements. Going to the gym and exercising in your own time is not the same as taking a class, just like going to the library and reading Shakespeare won't get you credit for an English class.

    That said, they have AP and CLEP exams in which you can "test out" of certain college subjects. There's no AP exam for gym, obviously, but you can ask the college whether there's some other way of fulfilling the gym requirement by using your own routine rather than taking a class.

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    The university I went to had many different activities one could do to get said credit. They offered many individual sports, team sports, walking, and even bowling.

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