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what's up with three pass shaving?

I'm in the Navy. I share barracks with this guy. The way the barracks are set up is that we have a private bedroom and share a common area with a kitchenette and a sink and then we also share a bathroom.

He has this old school razor and he uses a brush and instead of Edge or Barbasol he whips up shaving cream in a bowl.

Now here's the thing. He does what is called three pass shaving. He shaves going down, then across, then up. Then he'll rub his mug some and go over where he missed

I use a Gillette Proglide Fusion 5 and I have to shave once every other day.

I get that he had a fast growing beard, because by the time he gets back to barracks he already has a five o'clock shadow and if he's going out shaves again.

When I asked him why he doesn't just get a normal razor he said first of Gillette hates real men, and he's a real man who rubs his face with a dead badger and then takes his life in his hand with a single blade that could kill him if he gets to aggressive near a jugular.

But what's the real reason

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    There's been a resurgence in straight razor + wet shaving by the hipster community, but it definitely does do a really good job (I've only ever had one at a barber shop).

    It's a lot faster, safer, and easier to use a safety razor - my favorite are Gillette 3-blade disposable razors (which are considerably cheaper than cartridge replacements), and Gillette Series Moisturizing Shave Gel.

    I can shave in about 4-5 minutes. I soap up with gel, rinse off my hands, warm up the razor with hot water, and start by going against the grain, then across the grain, dry my face off, then do touchups.

    If I want to make absolutely sure I didn't miss anything, I will use the flashlight on my phone to shine up on my face.

  • balan
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    4 weeks ago

    Why you worry about his way of shaving.Let him do it in his own way and you do it in your own way .Don't make an issue of others choices so long as it is not your problem Regards .

  • ron h
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    You didn't mention what kind of razor HE uses.  Pretty important.  If he's using a brush to lather up, he's likely using a double edge (DE) safety razor or from your description, he's using a straight edge, sometimes called a cutthroat.  He's telling you the truth:  you're using one expensive cartridge with multiple blades, and he's using a single blade multiple times.  It's preference.  And cost.  (yeah, Gillette HAS done some anti-man stuff recently.  Heres a commercial featuring a F to M tranny using a Gillette razor;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR-JkiNQ_Ro

    Youtube thumbnail

         Here's one about "toxic masculinity."  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJzdSch3hAE

    Youtube thumbnail

       No, shaving should not be political.  And some of us resent that Gillette is doing that. AND price gouging. 

    Source(s): If you want to try out a straight edge, get a barber to shave your face.
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    I shave with a Norelco One Blade and am done in minutes, all without shaving cream or any other "products".

    Fastest shave I ever had... 5 minutes tops.

    Your roommate is probably just doing it the way his old man showed him.

    • River Euphrates
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      You can get Gillette 3-blade disposable razors for considerably less than replacement cartridges - and more than 3 blades is totally unnecessary.

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