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Help! Severe body acne?

I have had body acne (arms, breasts/chest, legs) for about a year. I’m a teen and now over time they have become very bad looking and strange. It’s almost like cystic, as they are like blisters almost, and some have clear liquid and some have actual infection looking liquid. They burn sometimes. This is only on my breast/chest and upper arms. I cannot wear anything showing my chest or arms and I hate even looking at myself. I really want to be able to know what this is but I cannot go to a dermatologist. And I don’t want scarring. I’m very conscious about this. Please, any type of information helps. Here is a picture of my arm, the ones on my breast seem worse though. 

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    Go to and look thru the lists and photos. Bulla is the name for blisters. You will learn a good vocabulary to be able to talk to a doctor.

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  • 9 months ago

    Your family GP can refer you to a dermatologist.  Acne is a bacterial infection.  When it spreads and you get lots of deep cysts, the only solutions require a dermatologist.  There are prescription antibiotics like accutane as well a light therapy.  Sadly, it is very unlikely that any topical, over-the-counter cleanser or treatment will do anything at this stage.  

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Go, and see your doctor

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