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Are there any public colleges in California where you can live in dorms or residence halls as a transfer student?

I am transferring this year out of community college but have found that a numerous amount of colleges only offer apartment-like housing for transfer students on campus. I am really big on the college experience and would like to stay in a dorm or residence hall if that's possible. For example, like a double, a triple, a quad, or maybe even quint. I even included a picture as a reference. The only college that I have found like this (in California) is UC Santa Cruz which has the transfer community. I have found no other colleges which is why I am asking for you help. Do you guys know any colleges in California with dorms/residence halls for transfer students? Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it.

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    I'd suggest that you contact the schools where you are applying for admission and ask them ahead of time about living arrangements on campus. Most California state universities are simply too large to provide housing for all their students. They provide housing for freshmen and then expect the students to move off campus for their sophomore year. That's probably why some students start out at Santa Barbara Community College (which has dorms) and then transfer (with their friends) to UC Santa Barbara.

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    They do but frequently only for 1st and 2nd year students and you will come in, presumably, as a third year student.

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