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How would you handle this if you were in my situation?

This year, I've had to deal with getting over a woman who led me on/rejected me and wasn't sorry about it whatsoever.

I then had to deal with my dad having prostate cancer which he had surgery last week and now he's cancer-free since the cancer was all removed.

Now, I'm dealing with being unemployed.

One of my direct supervisors at my now last job, lied to Human Resources saying I threatened her and harassed her.

HR didn't take a verbal or written statement from me so I couldn't defend myself.

HR just took her side and there's rumors about me at this job about how I lost my job there such as following her to her car which I didn't do and that I was in love with her.

The job is union and the union rep for that job, couldn't bother to help me until HR made a final decision.

Supposedly, there's a hearing on my behalf with the union rep this week but he doesn't bother to get back to me.


I've been trying to work out to clear my mind and boost my spirits.

Update 2:

The job paid me out before I got official letter from HR in the mail that I had to sign for, informing me that I was fired.

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  • LAN
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    10 months ago

    Be a man and move on. I can see why that would be a problem for you.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I would write a letter, mail it registered, return receipt required, asking for information - send it to HR and the Union Rep.

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