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What does this dream mean?

Last week, I had two interesting dreams. In the first dream, I was driving and my car suddenly started to slow down on the road and would not speed up no matter how much I stepped on the gas. Next thing I know, I slowly lost consciousness. When I came to, my car was completely dead and I was laying in the middle of a desert all by myself. However, I was ready to buy a new car. In the second dream, I was driving and saw a cop sitting in a driveway. As I got closer to the cop, I suddenly started speeding uncontrollably. It was as if my feet had suddenly developed a mind of their own and no matter how hard I tried I just could not get off the gas and step on the brakes. The cop pulled out of the driveway and started chasing me, obviously so that he could give me a speeding ticket. However, a ton of other vehicles started to fill the road and get between me and the cop. Eventually, I pulled over in a shopping plaza waiting for the cop to come and give me the speeding ticket, but the cop, instead just gave up and let me go.

It also happens that in my waking life, that within the past 12 months, I have already been pulled over while leaving work and given speeding tickets 3 times, each time by a cop that happened to be parked about a hundred feet from my job at the end of my shift. (Which seems sketchy considering the fact that I'm a home health aide with multiple clients with varying shift times).

What does this mean?


Also, in my waking life, I am currently going through a very dark time in my life. I was a victim of child abuse and left home 6 years ago and went no contact with my parents. However, they are narcissists and sociopaths and actually were somehow able to track me down (this has actually confirmed to me by therapists and people I have met out in public and at work who seem to know a lot of things that I previously didn't know)

Update 2:

and as a result, I have been constantly being stalked, harassed, and threatened by people who, for some reason seemed to be convinced that something was wrong with me and wanted me to go back to live with my parents. Recently, I was evicted from the house I has been living in for the past 3 years after complaining to my landlord about my roommates bullying me (stealing from me, tampering with my food, pooping on my bed, etc.).

Update 3:

Without being able to find somewhere else to stay, I ended up having to move back in with my parents and they have been giving me hell ever since.They constantly start arguments with me, keep claiming that bad things keep happening to me because I make poor choices and go around doing and saying things that piss everyone off, and even trying to convince me that I am mentally ill.

Update 4:

If that is not bad enough, they even hang out in the kitchen at night slamming cabinets and hitting pots and pans together to keep me awake and sometimes make me uncomfortable by walking around the house half-naked.

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    I think the dream might mean to be patient when things are tough because they will begin to progress when you change your context and even if things seem difficult - you will find the grace you require to overcome it.

  • 10 months ago

    U need to abandon ur present career and try some thing new to progress in ur future life

  • 10 months ago

    It sounds like you are stressing about possibly getting pulled over again. You slowing down and couldn't excel was you frustrated having to drive slow, you ending up in the desert is the heat from the cops.

    the second dream, your like, I'm not trying to drive fast (your feet having the mind of their own) it becomes not your fault but you still get busted as if it's your fault.

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