michael asked in SportsMartial Arts · 7 months ago

i was play fighting with my 5 year old male cousin, and i train in jiujitsu,am i a bad person? ( it was all in good fun and gentle)?

im a 25 year old male.

he loves play fighting with evreyone.so i played with him back ( did not aply any locks, just dominent positions to frsutraight him ,that he cant hit me)

we were standing,and he grabed my left arm with both his hands, to pull me down, i went along with it, and just droped ( gently not to hurt him) to side mount.with my two arms tight to him and spread out,same with my legs,he did not know what to do lol am i a bad person? i let him out early as soon as he relized he couldent hit me and did not know how to shrimp out.it was all in good fun

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