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Why do people follow football games with so much interest? going to games with their friends? it is like a social activity?

People follow American football like a sacred religion and watch or even go to every game . and I just don't understand it. it is so boring and pointless space of time to me. why do they find it so


If you found out that someone who you thought was a pretty deep thinking person liked to watch foot ball games, would that not be like finding out that they like something like "Country music" or something really stupid? why or why not?

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    I am the same way. Sometimes though, I get into the mix and the hype. Its really a manifestation of herd instincts, begetting tribal impulses. In-group out-group dynamics. We know how it works, its just that many of us fly on automatic and don't register their drives, don't acknowledge their impulse investments.

    It is a social activity. Social dynamics are at full play when it comes to sports. I have never been very competitive myself, but in our world, almost everything gets translated or mutated into some kind of competition, some kind of "be better" enthusiasm. So, its fit in, or get out.

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    there was a scientific study which shows that the effects of social-involvement in the football culture is as satisfying as group religious attendance.

    Source(s): sciencedaily
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    Americans enjoy watching violent spectacles. Their sensibilities are dulled and they are therefore insensible to subtlety and nuance. A traumatic brain injury or broken bone they can appreciate

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    People do what they enjoy most and most people enjoy it more when they're with companions who also enjoy the same things. There's no need for you to be judgmental of what people enjoy doing. Perhaps if you find an interest of your own, you won't be so bored.

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    Some people get more excited about football than they do church. Probably a lot of people.

  • sarah
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    Everyone has and interest, some love music and play the piano and sing all the time and follow the singers. Some like soap opera's and watch the families like they are part of the family. This one family is into medicine and the women are nurses and the men doctors. Or the police family or the family where everyone is in the Navy.

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    monkey see , monkey do

  • Susie
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    4 weeks ago

    Lol. Sounds like you have a lonely sad life, if you have to be so judgmental about other’s choice of entertainment and music. Maybe if you got off your “high horse”, and learned to respect others, you could make some friends.

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    "... and pointless space of time"

    Please elaborate.

    You are obligated to watch football games.

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