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Do people on the outside care how inmates are treated in jail/prison?

I was in jail for 30 days (so not a major criminal)  but felt like they could treat us as bad as they wanted and nobody cared. Food was not filling and bland and ended up having to buy extra so not to be hungry. We were also on lockdown for 5 days so that meant 5 days straight in a cell with 3 others. Was like being in a cage. I wouldn't treat my dog like that and would make sure he at least gets a walk each day and proper food. When I said it to the others they sort of said what did I expect of jail.

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    People do not care?

    Inmates have more rights then the average citizen.

    You had 3 meals a day, a warm or air conditioned cell, room to move around in, shower, clothes, clean wear every 7 days.

    Food is bland because the Nutritional laws say they should be to feed those with diabetes. They do not feed a whole plate of food, because all food served has to be in portions and a balanced 1200 calories a day meal.

    Pork is not fed because certain religion's do not allow it neither is Bacon served.

    The Constitution mandates laws for equal protection, due process, so goes the Prison Rape Elimination Act PREA.

    I know worked in the prisons and Jails for 50 years as a Sheriff and a Correctional Officer.

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    Sadly, until They go or have a relative in, they don't. Out of street people,easy to ignore.Our state govts. deny prisons-for-profit. Wells, Fargo is a major investor in them.

    Once IN, however, very aware of it. I didn't see the abuse you describe, but, yard "heads" must be eliminated, this peck order. There is a lot of racism inside. How does that make a young, impressionable first-timer? The Feds have anti-recidivism laws, anything negative like this can make for a "revolving-door". And, employers who refuse to hire cons, yet hate crime are hypocrites. Hire that ex con, he Might be your best employee. Do'nt hire, and you might force him to steal.

    Source(s): been there. Until YOU are, you have NO right to judge.
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    No. Unless your an actor, of course.

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    Some of us do but as you can see this site is infested with brainless right wingers. What prison should do is train you, feed you properly otherwise you won't learn properly if half starved and provide humane conditions, likewise you won't learn if you hardly sleep. This punishment lark only makes people come out worse, on lockdown your only pastime is learning new tricks from more experienced criminals. You should also be protected from dangerous prisoners. If they do all this hopefully you will learn a trade and never go back to prison.

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    The whole point of jails should be to make it so people don't want to return there. If you're in there for a long period of time, it would be good if people got training in a worthwhile trade and off drugs too, but that isn't how our for profit system works.

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    sounds better than holiday-inn … and you're getting it free!

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    There are things we would rather not think about.

    When it comes to prisoners, not only do we not want to think about them but, on the odd times we do think of them, we want to feel their time will be sufficiently unpleasant that they won't want to go back.

    Knowing that law breakers will be punished is part of what makes us feel safe in our little lives so complaints are unlikely to find a lot of sympathy on the outside unless there is serious mistreatment, torture or other illegal acts against the prisoners.

    I'd like to think there would be some meaningful attempt to encourage long term prisoners to reform. That's just good economics because prison time is expensive for taxpayers. For short sentences like yours, I suppose we just expect you do your time and not want to break the law again. We have to believe justice was served though an individual prisoner may think otherwise.

    Part of what keeps the rest of us law-abiding is the fear of ever having to go through what you did. Deterrence works on more than one front. If it isn't unpleasant, it doesn't work .... and it HAS to work.

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    Jail is not meant to be pleasant. Don't break the law then you will have nothing to worry about.

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    Don't go back again. It gets worse.

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