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Is it normal for couples to make decisions about the genders of their future children prior to getting married?

What do I mean by this? Well, let's say the husband/wife REALLY wants a son/daughter, so the couple agrees together to keep having children until they get the gender they want. Is is normal to make agreements like this prior to getting married.

I honestly don't agree with "you get what you get" garbage. I think you should be allowed to have preferences and there's nothing wrong with making decisions that know will make you happy.

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    I think it's normal for some people to want certain genders, also depending on how many kids they were planning to have. But "you get what you get" applies to naturally born children. I mean, for all I know, my parents could both have talked and talked about having a son, but they had me as a daughter anyway, they don't have any control. If they actually want a specific gender, you have to pay for a designer baby, and most people don't want to put that effort into it, especially when they can naturally conceive.

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    No; it's NOT normal. No one can  choose their child's 'gender'. A child's 'gender' is NOT his or her biological sex. 

    "Gender" is a noun that identifies a person of either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to society's established ideas of male and female. 

    "You get what you get" is NOT garbage. You have no choice in the matter. You child is always going to be either male or female.  

    You might have a 'preference' for one gender identification over the other and you might try to make the determination of your child's future  'gender'. identification. You might, for example, choose your son's 'gender' identification as a female by dressing him up like a girl and raising him to 'think" like a girl,  but his biological sex will always be male and THAT you can not change.  

    Trying to choose your child's gender identification might make YOU happy, but will it make your child happy? 

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    I think it's wrong of the husband to insist that his wife continue to get pregnant and give birth so that he can get the gender he wants. It puts a physical strain on her body. It's different if she wants more children and is willing to do it, but it's wrong of him to force it upon her.

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    Usually, most couples make choices on HOW MANY children they will have with less focus on WHAT GENDER those children will be.

    Besides considering gender preference, a couple MUST consider how many children they can afford to care for.  Keep trying might not be an option if a family has three children of one gender and can't afford a fourth child.

    The problem with having children until you get the gender you want is that there is no guarantee each time. You could end up with a family of 12 daughters and never have a son or a family of 12 sons and never have a daughter.

    You are certainly allowed to have preferences - but unless you take medical action to try to manipulate what gender you have - you WILL "get what you get" because that is how it works.  

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    some people might

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