Sexuality problems? HELP?

Okay, so when I think about it, I am bisexual. (Or pansexual, since I do find some non-binary people attractive) I watch porn with boys and girls, transgenders, and once intersex. I feel turned on by all of these. I also would love being in a relationship with anyone that loves me and I love them, it doesn't matter their gender, race, or age. (As long as it's not illegal, if it is I'll wait or find someone else.) Yet, when I try to flirt, relate, open up to, or love/like someone I can't. I feel I should like them, but I just don't. Is this because of my depression which makes me closed off or am I asexual? I have had crushes/sexual fantasies and even dated, enjoying it for the most part, and actually getting into it. I was even depressed then, but like maybe last year I stopped having sexual attractions and feelings if love for anyone completely. I haven't blushed, felt turned on by someone, or had a crush. I only get off the idea of sex or having a relationship. Is there a name for this? I'm also starting to get this which fictional characters, which I thought I would always crush on. Is this normal? The idea of having sex with someone sounds fun at first and exciting, and I start to get horny, but then when I look at them I'm like "eh, over it" Do I just have high standards? Is there something wrong with me? (Sorry for all the questions, these have been building up for quite a bit)

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  • 7 months ago

    I wouldn't be in a rush to slap a bunch of labels on myself if I were you. All of us start out feeling the things that you've described, and going through phases much as you've explained. None of that is any reason to reach conclusions about what you will feel or do in the future - or what you won't.

    What you're encountering aren't "sexuality problems". They are normal. Even this "depression" you mention is normal. Being tongue-tied and bumbling and confused and uninterested and dreamy and romantic and embarrassed ALL are NORMAL. It's all part of the growing-up process. I know you want to be grown-up already, but you're just going to have to give yourself some time...years, actually. Don't worry. Nobody you know has an edge on you - they're all going through the same stuff, even if they don't look like it - even if they lie about it. So relax. This'll all work out just the way it's supposed to, and you won't have to plan or control any single step along the way. It's like autopilot. Stop trying to steer. Sit back and enjoy your life, instead.

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  • reme_1
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    7 months ago

    We are all different and need different things to make us feel really loved. Call the gay center and talk to the counselor. Meet other girls your age and see how they handle their sexuality challenges.

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