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is it true that people who can thrive in life with less social contact compared to the average person have stronger intelligence?

because it takes a strong mind to not need so much social contact while still being able to pursue your own interests and goals


yoru average person would just get depressed, have anxiety, and get easily distracted if they go on without much social interactions with people

Update 2:

obviously all humans need some sort of interactions with people,

but I am talking in degrees.

I would say that intelligent people can tolerate isolation much better than your average or stupid person

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    I doubt that statistics would support that idea.

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    7 months ago

    To me it sounds like if that loner was intelligent, both they and others would be like, oh its because he's so intelligent. He doesn't need people. Take a stupid person who is quite happy alone & everybody would be like, oh he's too stupid to know how to get along with anybody, nobody likes him.

    Depression is the same thing. Intelligent people have it because they're deep & stupid people are too stupid to adjust and figure life out.

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  • 7 months ago

    it might be true in some cases

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