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Why do men neglect their children?

My daughter's dad and I were dating for almost 4 years, we had already knew each other from high school and college. We broke up earlier this year and it started to be an on and off thing until now, last week I finally told him I'm done. He got all emotional and tried to get me back but I cant be with a compulsive liar just so we can raise our child together. I preferred coparenting. Two days later he tells me not to call him anymore and he wants no dealings with our child. He even said he dont want to be her father anymore hes going to move on and start another family. What sickened me is the fact my daughter has been asking "wheres daddy" and I know shes only 2 but I cant stand to see her cry for her dad and he chooses not to be in her life because of something so ridiculous. I always tell her daddy's gone bye bye and she'll start crying. I dont know what to do when she keeps asking for him. It just blows my mind how a man can live his life while neglecting his child. Do you all have suggestions on how to help her cope with the absence of her dad??? 

P.s. I have things planned for us this weekend to try to get her mind off of him until she's old enough to understand but idk what else to do 

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    cause theyre selfish, maybe you should tell him shes asking for him

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    Some men never grow up to take care and take responsiblity for their actions especial when it deals with their kids. You are smart on not tolerating his ways. You could try to get him to pay child support but what good would that do. He would be around for the next 15 years and that s not good. Maybe tell you daughter that daddy is gone, he is not coming back. Keep telling her over and over again.

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    Because women make it so easy, what with not expecting any kind of commitment from the man in their life, before they choose to get pregnant by a total loser. Who decides to have a child with a compulsive liar? Good luck with trying to occupy your daughter's mind for years as she is forced to deal with the scars caused by her parents' selfish behaviour.

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    Fred Rogers, Carl Sagan, and Bob Ross would not neglect children

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