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Doing much better in life but I’m disappointed in myself? How to stop it? ?

I just started the 11th grade, and I got all B’s and one A on my report card which is good obviously, but ever since 3rd grade I gave up on school and received all D’s and F’s. (The reason is a long sappy story) Last year I started working hard on trying to better myself and I have finally achieved it. I have worked hard on my mental & physical health along with grades. But I feel like I’m doing something wrong, like I cheated my way through and I don’t deserve this or something. How can I stop it? 

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  • 7 months ago

    Professional Opinion in no order:

    You are an emo spoiled brat

    You are a typical manic teenager

    BPD, PTSD or BD

    You know I just cleansed the room and got out my crystal ball. I really tried too. It said you are a troll. While not as likely it also said with that vague of a description you really can not rationally assume anyone could help. Great answers come from relevant & detailed questions. Sure that is unfair, if only we could snap our fingers like Lil Jon.

    If you are in one of those states and your mom will let you see if you can try THC. If not CBD should be ok. No one really knows. Anyonw who answers seriously is silly. You left out hundreds of important details ya know?


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  • 7 months ago

    **edit: I have also been working 25 hours a week while managing school for a year now, so it’s quite exhausting.

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