Do I need to do a disk check after a windows blue screen error (BSOD)?

It was a memory error but is it best to to a disk check since the computer didn't shut down properly?

I had a few more blue screen errors within the last few weeks and I did a disk check each time but is doing too many disk checks bad for the hard drive?

Do I need to do a disk check every time there is a blue screen error?

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  • Edward
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    10 months ago
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    You most likely do not need to do a disk check after every bsod error. But i would investigate what triggered that error. If you getting many bsod  errors, you should try reinstalling all drivers and make sure that some of your hardware is not failing. If you keep getting bsod relating to memory, then it most likely has to do with either bad ram, software coruption, some hardware going bad could be the harddrive if you always worried about disk checking it, or you had two sticks of ram that are different from one another.

    I would run a memory test to see if it reports any memory errors. Also I would run cmd as administrator and run the command: sfc/scannow to see if windows can find and repair software corruption in your pc. If sfc/scannow finds any errors and cannot fix them, run the cmd command: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth.

  • 10 months ago

    Blue screen is a system crash so disk check is not mandatory unless problems persist. Usually, windows runs scan disk after a bad shutdown anyway.

    An inadvertent power fail, it is a good idea.

    Won't bother the hard drive at all. just longer restart time.

    The starting and stopping of the disk is the hardest on a drive.

  • DW
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    10 months ago

    Every disk will fail eventually, hopefully you'll retire it long before it has a chance to do that. A disk check adds a little extra wear and brings failure day slightly closer, but it's not a significant amount in the long run.

    When you're getting that many blue screens, you have a problem. (Maybe back in Windows 95 we considered that normal, but it shouldn't be happening now.) Don't worry about disk checks, put more effort into figuring out what's causing blue screens.

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