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Does anyone know what this Norman Reedus Movie is?

I'm pretty sure it's a Norman Reedus Movie anyway.

What happens in the movie is Norman's character has two sons, he's not with their mother anymore. It's his time to have the kids and he takes them on a trip and teaches the younger one how to shoot ( he's having problems with the older one). To try and bond with the older one he lets him drive and they end up crashing.

They end up going to this cabin and at some point in the movie he finds out his sons mother is planning on moving and taking them with her. He goes kinda crazy and tries to keep them there. 

Anyway if someone  could help me find the name of this movie I'd be grateful I can't find it anywhere. Like I said I'm like 90 percent certain it stars Norman Reedus if not does anyone know of a movie with this plot?


Ok not a Norman Reedus Movie ( I wasn't 100 percent sure anyway, I think I was looking for a Norman Reedus Movie and came across Walking Out)

Update 2:

Ok I just took a closer look at Walking Out it looks interesting but it's not it. :(

Update 3:

It does have a snowy setting though

Update 4:

Ok I found it. Doesn't have Norman in it, it was Tom Holland ( he plays the older son) it's called The Edge of Winter.

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