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Never been in a actual relationship at the age of 19.?

It’s been weird for me to be honest. For some reason I always found myself always having my eyes on one person just for them to turn me down or for me to realize they weren’t for m.... I’m currently in the military and college, a virgin and never really had the courage to ask out somebody that I was incredibly attracted too without coming off as a nervous wreck.... I was at one point diagnosed with depression and I honestly don’t know if it’s coming back. I’m currently set on going on possibly dating but for some reason I can’t  help but feel disturbed by people’s history when it comes to relationships. I took a quick notice of this when I was talking to this one person I was attracted too... at first she told me she has been in only in one relationship, but later on revealed that she was in several but only took one seriously? I’m not too sure why but I felt bothered I’m not too sure why? I just can’t bring myself to trust people anymore things just don’t seem right to me. Any advice? Are relationships just not my thing? Am I right or wrong to feel bothered by this situation? I’ve had feelings for only a couple females but things didn’t happen in my favor... 

Sometimes I have conflicting feelings having a relationship is nice but sometimes I feel like it holds people back and causes a lot of pain when the couple is separated... at least that’s what’s I’ve observed in short years of living and especially in a militarized setting... however not having can be incredibly lonely.

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    Blah blah blah...not a big deal. Grow up.

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    Well you better find the courage to start asking out women otherwise you will be 25 or worse yet, 30, and asking this question on the internet.

    These things do not go away by themselves.

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