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I adopted my dog after she got hit by a car and had her femur replaced. Is it worrisome that she gets anxious when I touch that thigh? ?

My dog is very anxious, she doesn’t let me touch her paws or anything. However, she has gained a lot of weight since we adopted her (i don’t know the numbers). Do you think that she is getting anxious because it is where her surgery was or because she is in pain? She does not get anxious when i touch her other thigh. She was abused by men so she gets really anxious around them (she has gotten better through socialization but I think that this is the best she can get), and this is why i am avoiding taking her to the vet. Although she has not bitten anyone that I know of, I don’t want that to happen and for her to be forced to be put down. 

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  • Maxi
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    4 weeks ago
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    Could be 'memory pain' and if you want to sort that contact a TTouch practitioner who deal with comanion animals who have memory pain, they will teach you the basic touches and show you how to get her over this issue

  • J M
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    4 weeks ago

    Of course she is reluctant to be touched. It is your responsibility to not let other people touch her.

    • Megan3 weeks agoReport

      Unless she is at a vet 😂 I don’t let anyone touch her until she comes up to them.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Most all dogs are touchy about their feet. Very hard to do toe nails without proper conditioning to allow their feet to be handled. This is up to the owner to gradually condition their dog to allow their feet to be handled.

    A trip to the Vet for an X-ray of the leg to see if the replacement is sitting like it should be. If pins have pulling out or have shifted she could be in pain. Do you know what to look for when a dog is in pain? You might want to google, 'ways that dogs show pain'. You should be able to do anything to your dog & not fear being bit. Just because she doesn't want you to touch her, shouldn't mean you don't touch that area.

    I would get the leg checked as quickly as possible so you can rule out pain.

    • Megan3 weeks agoReport

      Thank you very much for your input. I do know what to look for to know if a dog is in pain, she’s just scared when I touch the thigh she receives surgery on! I understand why now though:)

  • 4 weeks ago

    Not at all. My dog is still scared of stuff that he remembers from ages ago. Just show empathy. He's like just scared. Like if you got shot in the leg would you want that gun to touch you?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Don't let her being worried around men stop you getting her examined, diagnosed and treated. As long as you warn the vet - they and their staff are trained and know how to behave around nervous patients. What's going on should be checked - she may well have some arthritis setting in and even if she doesn't appear to be in pain other than when you touch that place, she may be.

  • Angel
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    4 weeks ago

    It might take up to year or more for her to totally trust you enough that you can pet her move her or manipulate her to the point where she knows you're not gonna hurt her. Currently all she can remember is how bad the injury was and how much it hurt while it was healing, all the people that were poking and prodding her while she was healing when they erre fhecking in her progress. She can't decipher the good from bad, all she knew was that humans were hurting her

    Dogs do not exactly have PTSD but they have good memories of who hurt them and what was done to help them heal after the injury and surgery. I'm sure with the bone being replaced she remembers how bad it was to walk on and all the people poking and prodding her checking on the sutures and forcing her to go through therapy and she doesn't want the pain to return with you poking around. .

    What you can do right now to help her is to start brushing her around the head neck and shoulders moving closer and closer to her hip and leg over a long period of time. She soon should look forward to the brushing and grooming / loving on her sessions especially if you do it in a relaxing environment where she feels safe and secure, working her on her bed or on the floor resting partially on you or somewhere safe and quiet, The purpose is to teach her to relax while your brushing her and if it doesn't hurt anywhere on the body, she should be relaxed. Working short intervals, doing several gentle brushing sessions starting on her head and neck, working down her back, on her hips and ever so gentle and lightly on the leg in combination with gentle massage should help her gain trust with you and desensitize the area more and more.

    I know my dogs didn't like it at first but they did learn to love it after just a week or two and looked forward to spending the individual time with me. This also helps build up the trust bond between the two of you, and she will. know you're not out to hurt her or poke her. She will learn to relax and totally trust you.

    In the meantime she doesn't want you touching her so you can't really tell how much is pain and how much is anxiety and fear. You should bring her to the vet and have them check her as it could be nerve damage or arthritis or something similar setting in to the hip/ leg from for the accident where one of the joints near where the break was is now set in.

    Not taking the dog to the vet for fear of her biting someone is just and excuse not to take her. Because you're afraid she might bite is kind of a poor excuse as they do have soft muzzles available that you can purchase or when you call the vet let them know that she could be a fear biter they also have muzzles they can use to restrain animals from the employees being bitten. if there weren't ahead of time they can help you with this. It would be easiest on the dog if you got on a grooming muzzle or some type and worked with her ahead of time using the reward system by every time you put it on her she got a piece of boiled chicken, turkey etc and work with her over the next few days by slipping it on and off and giving her treats to reinforce it's a good thing to wear. This way when you go to the vet she won't be surprised and panic to have a strange thing restraining her and she won't go into a panic mode . just slip it on like your practice at home tell her she's a good girl and remember soon as you take it off to give her a treat and give her hugs and love on her. If your vet is alerted ahead of time that your dogs over sensitive to being touched they do try and take precautions so they don't get bitten by the animal.

    I've had several dogs over the years That don't like men or women touching them depending on who their abuser was. i called ahead of time and talked with the vet about the animals fear of this or that sexed person working with the dog at the clinic so there are fewer chances of getting bitten to the employees. The vets clinic was always good about listening to me and making sure nobody including the dog was injured.

    Just a suggestion becUse it's worked for me in the past. You cannot really force a dog to trust you or forget its pain and experience from its horrific past. About the only thing we can do is to make the dog feel more secure with us and develop a trust and security with the animal. We cannot change its past but we can try and make the dog feel loved safe.

    Good luck, give your vet a call and see what you can work out with them. They do appreciate knowing when a dogs fearful and they can help take precautions when working with the clients animal. They don't want to inflict more pain or stress on the animal

  • 4 weeks ago

    That's not a good reason to avoid taking her to a vet. They have muzzles. They have sedatives. They have training with regard to handling anxious or even vicious animals

  • 4 weeks ago

    I don't think she is in pain, since she only reacts when you touch the thigh and not when she has to put weight on it. I think she is just nervous because of her past trauma.

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