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Will a corydora sterbai be ok with other corydoras?


I'm in the process of setting up a fairly small tank and in a round about way I have ended up with a lone little corydora sterbai. They are few and far between where I live, and also quite expensive when I do come across them, especially considering I was planning on stocking with neon tetras and the like. Basically, I was wondering if the sterbai cory would be happy enough with other types of corys? Or should I keep searching to find some other sterbais in my area, hopefully at a price point I can afford?

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  • 9 months ago

    It would be the best to get the same exact species. If you cant , and it happens , I Know! Look for the species that is closest in adult size. I can not claim that he will be happy with other species or not. I had at one point 5 yoyo loaches, 5 zebras loaches, and 5 polka dot loaches. after a few years, there was only I yoyo left, and even though he had similar size loach freinds that he grew up with, even shoaled tightly with, he became stressed, swimming in a circle for hours at a time, resting, then returning to the exact small place to circle, and circle, and circle...

    There were no Yoyo loaches at the stores, I called all of them to special order some. finnally weeeks later, I added some, and Wow! my sad little fish began to act normal again!.

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