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I’m really scared I’m going to snap at my neighbors and it’s going to be bad ?

I have been dealing with sever depression, a job loss, a death in the family. It’s been a lot over the past month. Ever since I’ve moved into my new place a year ago it’s been nothing but harassment from my neighbors.(it’s not just to me it’s to EVERYONE) they actually have a group called “the clique” in my neighborhood. I’ve NEVER in my life been a violent or angry person EVER but over the past 2 weeks I’ve unleashed on my neighbors to the point it’s almost become violent now twice. The cops have shown up too. There’s rumors I’m “on drugs.” I’ve never in my life touched drugs.I just want to be left alone. The two neighbors have insisted they are going to get me kicked out of the neighborhood with the help of the HOA. (I own this house) they also threatened to kill and poison my two dogs because they don’t like that they bark when they walk past my home. (The dogs are inside my home not outside) with everything going on and all my stress from life I’m honestly scared if these ppl don’t leave me alone and continue to harass me I’m going to snap and something very bad is going to occur. I don’t know why or where this is all coming from. It’s to the point I’m so worried I won’t be able to control myself and my anger that I’ve been staying in hotels the past few nights to avoid further confrontation. Any advice for me? Thanks. 

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    You moved into the wrong neighborhood. If I were you I would get out of there soon as I could. But for now, you need to install some security cameras and survey outside the house and if I were you I'd document the encounters you have with these people (have a voice recorder hidden on you, film them on your phone discretely) Record them starting this crap with you and you must remember when you are recording them they are doing you a favor and giving you the material you need so stay cool. When they say something like im going to kill your dogs then you'll have it and enlist a lawyer or file a complaint with the HOA. A lawyer could engage in a civil suit if the harrasment is that belligerent. You'll have evidence that'll at least prove you aren't the only aggressor. And for the time being stay in a hotel for a little bit and try to find someone to talk to to help you work through this. There are also sites like 7cups and I'mAlive with opportunities to talk with listeners for free until you get something figured out.

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