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how has human intervention improved the conservation status of a species in the galapagos islands?

i am doing this environmental science assignment and i cannot ANYWHERE how humans have helped the survival of a species (plant or animal, doesn't matter) in the galapagos islands. Preferably send links for how humans unintentionally helped a species (which no surprise, is really hard to find any info on). Otherwise any info on efforts to conserve a particular species in the galapagos islands would be greatly appreciated.

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    Removing the introduced goats saved the tortoises on some islands because the goats ate up all the plants that the tortoise need for food.

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      Southern Nevada, native home to desert tortoise. They are all gone now their home, shopping centers, car lots, and housing tracts, even the road runners are gone.

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    Across the board, humans have done more harm to every species of all life either intentionally or otherwise. far too much taken for granted.

    What conservation efforts of the few are outweighed by the many, and too little, too late.

    Instead of learning to live in harmony with nature, humans reshape the universe to suit themselves, turning forest into concrete jungles that only have negative impact on environment. The lust of greed,money and power does the rest.

    Overpopulation, pollution, and poisoning our planet faster than can be cleaned up will be the fall of the human race, leaving behind a dying planet.

    Not just Galopagos, or Tasmania, or any other isolated region, but global.

    When you see wildlife numbers in decline without the predator factor, something is very wrong, the bees, the bats, even the Tasmanian devil, now how sad can that be.

    They still hunt whale, the humpback may prove to be mans best friend above the dog.

    Poaching is rampant for nothing but the price of horns,tusks or ivory, the meat left to rot in a starving world. Don't forget shark finning either, the most barbaric of human.

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