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Why is he emotionally tormenting me?

I have been seeing this guy for a few months now. We work in the same job because he got me my job in the same workplace as him, and we have a purely sexual relationship outside of work. The reason I say its purely sexual is because we meet once a week and all we do is have sex. We do have other aspects of our relationship like holding hands and cuddling, but I assume he only wants a sexual relationship.

When I am in the workplace, I feel so insecure and its now got to the point that when I see him, I will be feeling physically sick with anxiety. When I see him at work, one minute he will walk behind me and make a smacking sound with his lips, he will pinch my bum, and he will flash his eyebrows at me and make smirk faces. He also pinches my sides and purposely bumps into me

Then the next minute, its like I don't even exist to him and that he's never seen me before. He ignores me, whilst chatting to my female friends right next to my face. Sometimes if i pass him in the corridor,he will roll his eyes and act like I don't exist. It feels like its messing me up in the head, and I feel insecure about where I stand with him.

It sends me into waves of anxiety and nausea when he does this. It is starting to affect me mentally. I then start worrying if he is going to acknowledge me again in the workplace and then I get all paranoid that I've done something wrong or upset him.

Why is he doing this to me? It's messing me up mentally

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    It's the old power game.  He wants to control you.  And make you so insecure you feel like no other man would want you.  Time for you to take your power back.  Break it off with him.  Tell him any unwelcome advances at work will be reported as sexual harassment.  He will go crazy. 

    And you will have your life back.

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