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How do I tell my parents I want to quit CBT?

I've been to 2 sessions of CBT for anxiety and self harm and I have another in 2 days. I hate it. It is literally the only thing I've been stressed about. I got referred a few months ago but was on a waiting list for a while. Since then, I have found better coping techniques and have been clean for 4 months. I have been making a lot of progress, but CBT makes me feels like I'm going backwards. Problem is, I know my parents will probably say that it's not supposed to be easy to go, but it's proven to help and I should keep trying it for a while. I don't think they'll believe that I can deal with it myself without medical treatment. I don't talk to my parents about this stuff, that's half the reason they are so worried and I don't think they actually know that I am doing better. How do I explain this without making them concerned and convincing them that I really can do this without CBT?

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  • LAN
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    10 months ago

    You obviously aren't smart enough to be making your own choices. Just voice your concerns to the doctor.

  • 10 months ago

    tell them you want to quit, it's not hard.

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    If you are above 17 years old, I would tell you to just quit going. You're an adult now and can come up with your own decisions.

    If you're younger than 17, You have to just be honest with your parents. Tell them about how you've been getting better, and what method you're using.

    This is something you're going to be facing for the rest of your life. Communication is key.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Tell them that the therapist is wasting their time if you don't want to engage with him/her.

    When I started CBT I didn't know what was going on, it was only after 8 weeks everything slowly started to fall into place. 

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