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Why did my children’s father new girl friend block me on Facebook?

Long story short my children’s father has been away in Florida in rehab for drug addiction for the past year. He is approaching one year sobriety soon and living in a halfway house now.  

I really had no idea he had a new girlfriend who actually still lives in NY. She’s in graduate school. My ex and I still talk everyday and he never mentioned her. His mom ended up being the one who told me about her. She knows we have two kids together.  

I did look her up on Facebook because I was curious about her. She could potentially be a step mom to my kids. But I realized she blocked me before I even knew about her. If she wants to be with someone who has kids I’m always going to be in the picture. I’ve never met her or contacted her, so I don’t understand. I would like to have a civil and mature relationship with who ever my ex dates because they will be around my kids potentially if he comes back to NY.

I do feel it is to soon in my ex’s recovery for him to have a girlfriend, but that’s his own choice.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    She is smart she doesn't want baby momma drama in her life.

  • 10 months ago

    My guess? You're ex has spoken badly about you and she wants to minimize the chance of a fight.

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