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MOTHERS/teachers. Is it normal to treat toddlers like this? I saw children being screamed at?

So I recently got a job where I travel to different pre school nurseries and assist the teachers by taking care of the kids. I was terrified of starting as it was my first shift. As soon as I got in I could tell the teachers were in the early 20 s and hated the job.The were shouting at the children, no smiling, no welcoming me or talking. I wanted to leave. I felt scared if they would be rude to me as I had a long shift. The woman I was with kept shouting at the children saying why are you crying for and making mean and tired looking faces. Another woman comes in smiling and I feel good thinking maybe she will make it easier for me to be there however she was the worst. She kept on screaming at the children for everything.(her son was there too- and she was pregnant). If they got up from somewhere she would scream WHY are you getting up . I could tell she was exhausted from the job. She would then shout oh my god I hate this job so much / At one point she said to a child youre lucky I didn t throw this at your face . The children were 2-3 year olds. Even though I wasn t being yelled at I felt scared and uncomfortable and just sat there comforting the kids. I was also getting annoyed at the kis who would cry for no reason but never screamed or shouted at them. I love children and understand that its frustrating sometimes but if you hate your job why work there. I asked how long she workd there and she said too long rolling her eyes.


I was called elsewhere to assist and it was such a fresh breath of air no discomfort or worrying but i was called back. Now im nervous for my second shift, if I get called back to a place like that or the same place 

Update 2:

Is this how mothers treat kids behind the scenes? The fact that she had her son there made me think that how would she like it if I spoke to her son like how she spoke to the other children. 

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  • Hannah
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    1 week ago

    Wow. No, that's definitely not normal. If a teacher in a public school was talking like that and behaving that way towards kids, he or she would be fired. Unfortunately, private preschools/daycares aren't as regulated, so it might be easier for teachers to get away with threatening and verbally abusing kids. But it's definitely not okay. Those poor kids. They must feel so anxious having to go to that place every day. I agree with others that you should report the teacher and the childcare center.

  • LizB
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    3 weeks ago

    That teacher is abusive and you should report both her AND the childcare center. That teacher either needs better training, more support from management, or just needs to be fired due to being in the wrong profession. My toddler is in a daycare and her teachers are definitely *not* like that at all. Not even the teacher who recently left on maternity leave.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    That does happen in preschools and in daycares .The staff are :

    Under paid

    Over worked

    Under staffed

    Under educated

    Very stressed

    • curious3 weeks agoReport

      yes I understand but you should never take out your anger onto innocent kids and make a new staff members feel uncomfortable

  • martin
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    3 weeks ago

    Teacher burn-out is a very real and too often frequent situation in the teaching profession. There's too much administrative pressure, irritation from principals and superintendents.

    • curious3 weeks agoReport

      yes I understand but you should never take out your anger onto innocent kids and make a new staff members feel uncomfortable

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