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I'm a U.S. citizen in Argentina, married but divorced an Argentine man, can I take my son back to America?

We're originally from Asheville, NC. And I want to return to the States. 

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    A child born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent or parents may acquire U.S. citizenship at birth if certain statutory requirements are met. ... Parents of a child born abroad to a U.S. citizen or citizens should apply for a CRBA and/or a U.S. passport for the child as soon as possible.

    • Of course the small issue what is written in the divorce decree will be completely irrelevant once child has a US passport. Who would have thought?

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    you can't take the child out of the country if the father won't allow it

    i have a relative from los angeles, ca that had two kids by someone in rome and when she wanted to come back home she couldn't because the father didn't allow the kids to leave the country. they told her when she was pregnant if she would've went back to los angeles and had the babies then took them to rome the father would have no say so about them leaving to united states-back home. 

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    The father has rights to his child. You will need a court order of permanent sole custody to remove the child from Argentina, unless you obtain legal permission from the father. Your child is an Argentine citizen in Argentina, and you need to go to Argentine courts. Of course, the father can object to your petition to the court. You need to hire an attorney in Argentina to get complete advice on Argentine law of custody, child support & visitation. Find out how to petition the court for permanent sole custody (which means the father relinquishes all rights to his child) or negotiate visitation in order to take the child out of Argentina. His US citizenship (dual-nationality) is not relevant to removing him from his father.

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    You can if you registered his birth at the local consulate to document the fact that he is a natural born US citizen.

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    You can’t take your son out of the country (Argentina) without his father’s permission.

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    If your son was born in Argentina, I highly doubt the Argentina justice will allow to take him with you.

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