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Is this a scam? What should I do if it is?

So I live in Nyc and this guy was offering me a college applications to go to college, except he didn't have a college application. All he had was a pencil and notebook. I told him that I was interested and wrote my name and phone number in the notebook. He said he will call me back in a 1 week. Is this true? Why didn't he have college applications with him if he worked for a college? Why did he make me put my information on his notebook?


Update: No I'm a guy, but why would he want a guys phone number? Is he gay?

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    I really hope that you are a troll.

    If you need to ask this question, then maybe college isn't for you.

    Why the hell would you need to put your info down in some guy's notebook to get a college application?  It's 2019.  We have something called the internet (you are on it right now), and colleges have websites.  Those websites have electronic applications on them.

    He's obviously working some sort of scam.  At best, he's sold your number to telemarketers.

    He's probably going to call you and either get more personal info from you (for possible identity theft) or he's going to try to sucker you out of money for some sort of BS, like 'expediting' your application.

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    Are you a girl (or a troll)? He was probably just trying to get your name and phone number. He can't send you an application without an address, can he? (Do NOT give him your address if he calls.) If you want to apply to a college, use the common application.

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