What does the term "yeet" mean?

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    Yeet is a versatile word that can be used as an exclamation, a verb, or even a noun.

    As an exclamation it can be used to express excitement, usually happily but also nervously. (See Ex. 1)

    It can also be used as an exclamation of victory. (See Ex. 2)

    Or as a battle cry or focus-shout while throwing or hitting something, like "HIII-YA". (See Ex. #3)

    When in its verb form it has different tenses with different spellings, like any other verb.

    (Present) I yeet

    (Past/Imperfect) I was yeeting

    (Past/Perfect) I yote

    (Pluperfect) I have yought

    (Future) I will yeet

    (Future perfect) I will have yought

    As a noun, 'a yeet' is the action of yeeting. Yeet can also be a feeling or emotion, usually like an adrenaline rush. (see Ex. 1)

    The word has a distinct feel, and power to it. To yeet is to give your full power and soul to an action you're doing. While many believe yeet to be a fairly new concept, it has been around for centuries. Think back to the berserker warriors. They would be so immersed in pushing all their power into their attack that they wouldn't even register pain, or go into shock, until long after a regular fighter would have passed out. They were true yeeters. A more modern example is the common use of warp speed in science fiction. It's interstellar yeet. The word 'yeet' is really all that is new about this concept, and it is a very useful word indeed.

    (Ex. 1)

    Dude1: Aw man it's the last track meet! I'm so pumped! I'm just gonna YEET down that track!

    Dude2: Geez I'm nervous. I hope I don't screw this up...

    Dude1: You just gotta get into the feel of it dude! Just get that yeet flowing!

    Dude2: Yeah... you're right! yeet... YEET!

    (Ex. 2)

    The dude from Ex. 1 just won his race,


    (Ex. 3)

    A group of brave Mexican vigilantes are rescuing children and their families from gang violence in the south, by leading them across the US border! But alas, a wretched wall stands in their way! If only one of the brave leaders had the strength to break through it...

    Suddenly one of them backs up, steps on foot back, holds their fist our straight and charges at the wall like a bolt of lightning!

    Badass Mexican: yeeeeEeEeEeEEEEEEEET!

    The wall crumbles to the ground, and the families make it to a sanctuary in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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    it is how neckbeards show emotion. A bit of an onomatopoeia. Literally, to make a sound sort of like "yeet". Well, what makes a person go "yeet!"? that is what yeet is used for. things that fit the idea of "makes dorks make the yeet sound".

    I am only familiar with the term when used in the context of neckbeards, or basement-dwelling young adults of limited emotional maturity and lacking in typical social graces. I could imagine that the word has migrated out into the general usage zone.

  • 10 months ago

    That's a new one for me. So I found this: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Ye...

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    you can yeet all over my nuts

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  • 10 months ago

    It refers to a strong emotional reaction to something.

  • Dformd
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    It means yet bro

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