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Can Vince McMahon even cut a bad promo?

I dont think I've ever saw a bad Vince McMahon promo. I dont think he gets the credit for how entertaining he is/was on TV. 

I think he was just as over as a heel than Austin was as a babyface.

Vince McMahon was a part of the attitude era as rock and austin

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    He’s one of the best on the mic. He knew how to work a crowd. If he had in ring talent he could’ve been one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. 

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  • 7 months ago

    Vince McMahon is the sole reason that the Attitude Era could even exist. Before the infamous incident known as the Montreal Screwjob involving Bret Hart occurred, Vince was known merely as the owner that would mainly do commentary at times. The Montreal Screwjob helped established Vince as a villainous boss character in WWE storylines, which allowed rising stars at the time such as Stone Cold Steve Austin to rebel against him get himself over, and The Rock to increase his rising popularity by turning on the fans and selling out to Vince's stable, The Corporation. However, most wrestling fans already knew that Vince was great on the mic. He spent a great amount of time doing commentary (which, in itself, requires good mic skills) and often showed a lot of emotion when calling matches. As his evil boss character, he used those same skills to help get the biggest stars over during wrestling's most popular time period.

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  • Yes when he challenged God to a Fight. That was maybe the stupidest thing he did since he came up with XFL or The World Body Building Federation.

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • boris
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    7 months ago

    I dont think so. Sadly Shane can lol.

    Btw you look like a promoter for an indie company I once knew called CEW

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      Shane and stephanie are no Vince McMahon. Despite all his flaws, I miss seeing Vince McMahon as a consistent on screen character. I never really realized how much he entertained me until now. Vince McMahon was awesome back in the day

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