I don't know what to major in?

I am currently attending a community college and do very well in school. Prior to graduating high school I was set on becoming a rad tech (x-ray tech) which my local community college did have a competetive/difficult program to get into. The next 2 years I worked very hard to apply into the rad tech program and fast forward to this semester, I easily got in. These past 2 months of classes I was very excited to begin clinical and get started, but to my surprise I found out I absolutely hated it. I found out that healthcare was basically not for me, and anything regarding the hospital did not interest me. Since then I had decided to drop out of the program, and have found myself in a complete loss. I have no idea what to major in, or even possibilities on what I want to pursue as a career. As the majority of my family are immigrants, they do not understand my loss or what I am going through, so it has been difficult to say the least. All I know is that I am passionate on helping the latino community (and other minorities) in any way, shape, or form, but I simply don't know where to go from there. Any advice or suggestions are very appreciated. 

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  • :)
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    10 months ago

    Social work (although the money there isn’t the best), law, and education(you could teach in Latino communities) sound great for you!

    But you honestly know yourself better than any of us. What interests YOU? Yahoo answers can tell you a lot, but not what path you should take in life.

  • 10 months ago

    Have you thought about becoming a lawyer? There are many kinds of law and lawyers. If I had known that there are research lawyers who are paid by lawyers to do research for them I might have had  very different academic career. At least I escaped from Louisiana. 

    There is no pre-law major. I was a history major for my first bachelors degree

     You could major in Latin American studies, but you would need to find a university that offers Latin American studies. Law school is graduate school in the United States. If you go to law school,  one of the first courses you will take is on contracts. That is no longer boring to me like it was when I was a high school junior.  

    Go to career counseling. Take the tests. If you are blooming for internships, no matter what ypur major is or how many times you change your major, doing your own research and going to career counseling makes a lot of common sense.   

  • Laurie
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    10 months ago

    You are going about this all backwards. You don’t pick a major and then hope to find a job.

    Instead, you research JOBS and then choose the academic path, and a school, that prepares you for a job you want.

    The Dept of Labor publishes information regarding different careers, including employment projections (how easy/difficult it will be to find a job), and salary projections. Your librarian can help you find this information. Be sure to research this info FOR THE AREA WHERE YOU PLAN TO LIVE (it makes a difference).

    THEN choose a major.

  • 10 months ago

    maybe you should talk to one of the counselors at school about it

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Medical office courses, phlebotomy, respiratory therapist, EMT, dental hygienist (not dental assistant <- that doesn't always pay well)... I don't know what your interests are, or if they are only in the medical field. It seems that as a medical professional, you could donate your time to programs like Doctors without Borders, The Red Cross...etc... offer help during crisis situations. I'd be surprised if they didn't need help in the Bahamas. Maybe talk to a few career counselors.


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