Living in Florida and Arizona people who have lived in both states?

My mother is living in South west Florida and is thinking of moving to arizona. She wants to know what big changes there are going to be besides no beaches. The sun makes it hot and the humity make the temp feel hoter than it is. The humity makes you sweet allot. It's green every where treas grass bushes. She lives closer to the ochen so you get a brease going some times. Gas goes up and down but is most always on the cheaper side. Ciggaretts are real cheap you can get 3 pack for around 11$. Any input would be helpful   

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  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago

    Kind of depends on what part of AZ she's looking at. Places like Flagstaff are mountainous with snow and generally have milder summers and four proper seasons. Phoenix on the other hand is a roasting pan much of the year.

  • Andrew
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    3 weeks ago

    Arizona is an immense state. It's the sixth largest state in the union, and it's roughly the size of Italy. if your mother was planning to move to Italy, you wouldn't ask general questions about what it's like because it's a tremendously large place. It's the same with Arizona.

    Parts of Arizona are made up of arid, rocky desert. Parts of Arizona are desert scrub-land. Parts of Arizona are comprised of pine and oak forest. Parts of Arizona are completely flat. Other parts are very mountainous.

    Some parts of the state get much more rain than others.

    Some parts of the state are relatively built-up, notably the Sun Corridor, while other parts are very sparsely populated.

    Some parts of Arizona are home to wealthy people, other parts are fairly middle-class, and there are areas where people tend to be poorer.

    Some parts of Arizona are populated by white Americans who speak English, and in other areas Spanish-speaking Mexicans and Mexican-Americans constitute the largest group. There are also areas where Native Americans are the majority. In fact, a very large chunk of Arizona is made up of native American tribal lands.

    When most people think of Arizona, they picture sandy deserts and blistering heat, but most of the deserts are arid rock deserts that are filled with all kinds of desert vegetation and although the desert heat can be brutal, sometimes the temperature can fluctuate more than 50 degrees in the span of a single day. In the winter, it might be 75 degrees between noon and 3 P.M., and then drop down to below freezing at night if you're in a valley or the floor of a canyon or up in the mountains.

    Without knowing specifically WHERE in Arizona she's planning to relocate, nobody could give you a list of specifics on exactly what it would be like.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I lived in Tampa area for 4 years and have family around Phoenix. Arizona is a large state. Cooler & more mountains to the north, hotter year round to the south and pretty much dry everywhere. Most of the population lives in the southern half if the state.

    Summers around Phoenix can get very hot - 110+ is not that unusual. The drier air (compared to Florida’s high humidity) means if you are in the shade it at least feels a bit nicer - unlike Florida where the hot & humid air covers you like a blanket. Because the air can be so dry (10-20% humidity vs 60% in Fl), you will need to use moisturizer for your skin during much of the year.

    It typically takes your body around 6 months to get used to change in temp/humidity.

  • .
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    3 weeks ago

    Its a dry heat in Arizona except July and August, monsoon season

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