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Why do teenagers sleep so much after school?

I was a TA for a high school teacher today. We were talking about extra curricular activities and when I asked most of them what they do when they get home, they told me that they do homework, eat, then sleep. Even those who did sports or clubs said that after games, practices, or meetings that they just slept. Why is this?

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    That's pretty much normal for most teens in the US. Even those involved in sports will do this, because they get very tired from all the exercise, mental stimulation, and because they're still growing. Teens aren't adults. They're still kids, mentally and physically. I think that American society demands far too much of teens, especially older teens (those who are 18 and 19 years old). It would really be much better for the country if we raised the age of adulthood to 21. It's already at 21 for drinking and purchasing alcohol. If we raised it for things like smoking, too, as well as for other things like the age of consent for sex, we'd be much better off as a country.

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    Aside from the phones, think about what you did as a teenager. Even without the extra curricular acitivities, there are still other things in high school such as relationships, socials, college, etc., it's a HUGE transitioning period where you're not really a kid and you're not an adult but you still have to learn responsibilities and prepare for the next chapter of your life. And believe me, it takes a LOT out of you. So to them, sleep is really the only best thing they have that tops everything else.

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    Research shows that teenagers need more sleep than younger kids, but they don't get it because school starts too early, and the kids stay up too late studying and playing video games. If they told you that all they do is homework, eat, sleep, they were lying. They're on their phones texting most of the time.

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    maybe all that growing is making them tired

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