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How can I get my baby on a sleep schedule?

My son is almost 7 months and he's still not on a sleep schedule.. He pretty much goes to sleep whenever he feels like it (which is understandable because he's a baby). My parents watch him so I can sleep at night but they had an incredibly hard time getting him to sleep. They would get him to sleep on their shoulder and when they tried to bring him in my room, he'd wake up instantly. He did that 3 times until he FINALLY went to bed at 5:30am. I want to get him on a sleep schedule to make my life easier and my parents and because it'll be good for him to have a sleep schedule at night. 

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  • 7 months ago

    I would cut the later afternoon nap shorter.

    Id get him to play in the afternoon, a park, a swing, crawling, chasing...get him moving.

    Plus, once hes tired he should be falling asleep on people's shoulders...he needs a routine..

    Id do a short afternoon nap, playtime, dinner, bathtime and put him to bed...if tired he will go right to sleep

    Routine is everything

    Everyone has to do the same thing to create a routine.

    Good luck...its tough

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  • 7 months ago

    When a toddler such as this has a sleep pattern you don't approve of ... Consider exercises to tire it out somewhat ... preferably 1 hour before it's bedtime.

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  • M.P.
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    7 months ago

    I used to dim all the lights and bring all the conversations with my mother-in-law down to a whisper and play soundscapes (calming new age music), then we'd just talk and my son would nod off to our quiet conversations. We would always make sure that he had his milk bottle to fall asleep with, that way his tummy felt full and he would stay asleep throughout the night. I hope this helps, but every child responds differently, depending on their personality. My mother-in-law herself said that she was a horrible cholicky, screaming baby and that her own mom would have lost her mind if it wasn't for her grandmother's incredible patience & intervention! Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 experienced moms to make it through with a difficult kid. (And yes, you have a tough kid, both of mine were sleeping all through the night after 2 and a half months, I can't even imagine what you're going through!)

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  • 7 months ago

    open the TV or play music loudly at daytime, and prevent him from sleeping during the day. he'll fall asleep naturally at night. isn't this a good idea?

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  • 7 months ago

    Let my man sleep he’ll spend the rest of his life deprived of it

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