My mom sucks at singing & she won’t stop. Smule taking over her life?

For those whole don’t know smule is a singing app where you can sing popular songs with people from around the world .. sorta like Karaoke... you can adjust your voice to sound better and all that jazz.   Well my mom bought the app and she has been singing for the past 6months nonstop. I’m not exaggerating either. It’s ruined our relationship, she doesn’t want to do anything but that. I go in the room to have a quick chat with her and it turns into her showing me 20 songs she sang & she always expects a crazy reaction from me and praise that she sounds good. It gets real old real fast. I don’t know how to explain to her yes she sounds great on the app but in real life she sounds TERRIBLE. She redoes a song 15x over and over again so we hear the same sh*t nonstop.  Like I said she expects a reaction every song she ever does asking me 20 million times if I like the songs. Like... you sound “good” what more do you want from me. Hmmm stepdad doesn’t even exist in her life anymore. She is EXTREMELY sensitive. If you don’t praise a song she will hold a grudge that you didn’t like a song. If you agreed with her that a song wasn’t as good it is over with & she’ll want to kick me out the house. It does not look like her stopping is anywhere in sight. How do I get this to stop. Obviously I’m going crazy

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  • 8 months ago

    i would just be thankful you still have your mom around, wish i did

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Be glad that is her flaw, my Mom used me as a pawn in a feud and my Dad is a chronic liar, I have it much worse.

    • lauren8 months agoReport

      No one asked tho. That isn’t her only flaw TRUST me. I’m only asking for a recent issue

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