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Are interest groups good or bad for democracy? Please explain?

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    One of the reasons we fought our revolution was that we wanted to be able to petition the govt.  The colonists had sent petitions to King George III and apparently they hadn't even reached him.  They were upset about this, and this is why the Right to Petition is one of the 5 rights listed in the 1st Amendment.

    The problem is that lobbyists for MONEYED interest, like powerful corporations, get better access.  Some industries have more lobbyists than there are people in Congress!  They channel enormous political sponsorship for 'favors', they take congressmen to dinner, on trips, buy them things, etc.  That shouldn't be allowed.  Plus, after doing favors for a corporation, retired congressmen often become lobbyists with paychecks in the 7 and 8 figures.  That's wrong.

    But corporations should have the same rights you and me do to petition the govt. for what they want.  Just not to 'buy favors'.

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