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Why do Sony TVs have good reviews in terms of picture quality?

Sony is ranked as one of the top TVs in terms of picture quality. Some say it's #1. But I don't get it. I've compared Samsung and Sony TVs side by side at the store and Samsung, by far, has the better picture quality. I even own a cheap Samsung TV and my cousin owns a very expensive Sony TV and my Samsung TV looks way better in terms of picture quality. I feel that Samsung TVs have deeper blacks, brighter contrast and stronger colors. Sony TVs look duller in picture and have grayish looking blacks. It doesn't look as good. So why do so many reviews praise Sony TVs saying they have the best picture quality? What am I missing?

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    Sony makes one of the best picture processing chips, and since they not only have a hand in both the movie making business but video games as well, they would know how to properly display them.

    That being said, it depends on what TV mode you are comparing because their entry & mid level models I don’t agree are better. Samsung has stepped up their game to compete with OLEDs, and if they would support both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ I think they would dominate the LED TV market. However, since they are bent on HDR10+ only and other brands Dolby Vision... it’s just a format war that doesn’t not to be fought because they’re lack of Dolby Vision support killed them in the 4K blu ray player market. They didn’t even make a player to support HDR10+, their own format they helped make!

    So it’s a toss up on who’s the best, based on budget, model, and features you are looking for.

    LG wins OLED, Samsung and Sony are kind of neck and neck with LED but TCL might kill it with their MiniLED display

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      Even if it pulls off a significant innovation, TCL would still be a cheapo brand to avoid. 

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    So, buy what you like 

    and don't worry about what others think.

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    I have Samsung, Sony, Sharp, and Panasonic in my house. The slight differences in picture quality doesn't bother me.

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    Yes they do have good quality

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