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What Should I Do About My Roommate's Complaints?

I'm in a shared dorm and during the first weeks of school we had a roommate contract made with the RA, and one question she asked us was on volume. We agreed it's fine to openly listen to our devices in the day, and if one of us is sleeping it's fine if it's at a low volume. My roommate, despite owning headphones, listens to her computer almost at full blast (I set up a recorder next to my pc and when I listened later, I couldn't even hear the video I'd been watching over how loud her computer was playing across the room.) She always plays her devices fairly loud though, I had a strange dream one night and I realized I could hear her computer so clearly I was hearing it in my dream Because of the contract I've never said anything, but when I have my computer playing, which I tend to keep at a volume of 20 or lower depending on video, she'll ask me to use headphones or even complain if I sneeze a few more times than she's comfortable with because she's "trying to sleep." She claims she's sensitive to sound, but then that would make me ask why she listens to her own stuff loudly. I don't own headphones, a. money b. my pc won't play sound through headphones. Should I try to accommodate her more even though she does nothing on the other end (I've only seen her use her headphones if she's video chatting someone,), should I confront her that she's being loud also, or should I just ignore it?


She also complained about my desk lamp being too bright. I turned it's head to the table to dim the light, and she claimed she can't sleep unless the room is pitch black but she always keeps her own hanging lights on beneath her lofted bed. So far I just haven't changed, and she hasn't brought it up again so is ignoring these hypothetical requests the best option? I know some people just harbor feelings until everything comes out at once so I don't want to passively contribute to future issues.

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    You have a real problem with that roommate. 

     You need someone with the appropriate authority 

    to listen to your complaints and do something about this. NOW. 

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  • 8 months ago

    maybe you should talk to your ra about it and ask to switch roommates

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