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Why is this libra girl so rude and sarcastic ?

There’s this one girl I know in my art class and I thought she was gonna be a nice person from day 1 but apparently she can be a quite sarcastic bi*ch, blunt and has no feelings. I want to try being her friend but I can’t stand the rude side of her so I don’t care anymore. She follows me on Instagram and I follow back but whenever she answers questions on her stories people ask her somewhat insulting  questions like “why are you so short” and her response is “why are you so tall” then someone told her that she was annoying and her response was “thank you or I know” like what the actual hell! why are libras like this? I thought you guys were supposed to be really nice people but apparently you guys aren’t! Smdh.

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  • Snoopy
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    8 months ago

    It depends on the person. Libra goes with rat and snake mainly moon in Aqua Scorpio Virgo Libra and cancer. My dad is a Libra snake.

    I was called a ***** by a few Libras before too which I disagree noone should call anyone that. But no one insulted me as much as Taurus and Leo.

    I avoid rude people who can come in all signs just Aquarius and water signs are less likely to be rude which is why I prefer them particularly those with moon in Libra.

    If you are being bullied then just tell the person politely you don't have time for it as you are pretty busy.

    You can be rude back some people prefer to be. To me I don't condone that but I understand if you were to be rude back it would be difficult for others to assess who is the bad guy later so I just don't do it and instead walk away. I also dislike rude people because they don't teach me anything. Besides arguing with a rude person is draining as they can manipulate you.

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  • :)
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    8 months ago

    What’s the rest of her birth chart? Can’t judge someone on just their sun sign. Rookie mistake.

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