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I'm really sad about graduating high school Im a quarter through junior year already?

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    Interesting. For me, it was the exact opposite. I despised high school so much that I couldn't wait for it to be over. I graduated on December 19 of 2014 as an early grad and it was my favorite and most memorable day of high school.

    I was a junior when I started realizing that I didn't like high school. It wasn't due to the academics (though the fact that I was taking honors junior English didn't help at all), but rather I didn't like the immense amount of immaturity of the students and all the typical teenage drama bullcrap. I was just fed up with school in general which made me have an negative perception of high school.

    My second semester of my junior year (we have a block schedule) was better but I still had difficult classes (honors Spanish, AP US History, Algebra 2). By the time I was a senior, I still disliked school a lot, but I had a more positive outlook due to the fact that it was my last semester in high school.

    Even though I graduated nearly 5 years ago, I really don't remember much about it and I really don't care anymore.

    My overall negative attitude towards high school lasted for about 6 months after I graduated. As time went on, I I've just let it go and moved on. I'm currently 22, and I still don't like my high school experience, but I'm not "angry" at it anymore like when I was 16.

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  • Mirage
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    8 months ago

    Honestly that's normal, I've graduated high school and for me life is very rough. I hope you have good luck for the future. ✌️

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    Life beyond high school is awesome and the majority of your years, most likely. Celebrate that you are having a great time now and look forward to what the future holds.

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