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today my 7 month old pup showed aggression ?

Today I took my two puppies to the park . He was raised around children ... but today 3 kids walked by and he started snapping growling and charging..... he never showed aggression before to anybody so why today 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I strongly suggest you take the pup in to see its Vet. When there is a sudden change in behavior there is often time a medical reason behind it. Something has changed & a Vet check may show it has some kind of health problem. This was a sudden change & it needs to be checked.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Keeping two litter mates is NEVER (ever) recommended. They bond to EACH OTHER and are never adequately socialized or trained separately so they can become total & "complete" individuals. They become an oddball collective unit. One will always be overly aggressive (& a bully. often to the other) & the other dog will become a total submissive (and may also act aggressively in FEAR). So, you have a mess on your hands.

    Do not walk two the dogs, at the same time. YOU CANNOT control two esp if one acts aggressively; and you do not want BOTH to do that, if they aren't. You will need to work with the overly aggressive one & figure out (per a trainer or animal behaviorist) WHY the dog is triggering on children, if this continues.

  • 4 weeks ago

    you say you took two 7 months pups to a park mentioning they have been around kids from birth...usually when  stating pups raised with kids it is the larger breeds the ones having reputations of being problematic... assuming you have not smaller breed or labs, goldens, you have 2 and possibly pits or a breed sought for which case I would not assume snapping growling and charging was fear based....also at 7 months the innate personality and nature of the dog is becoming clearer ..

    If you are  taking the 2 together on outings perhaps you should take only 1....this will avoid reinforcement of unwanted hostile behavior by the other... while making it easier for you to handle and correctly correct this.

  • Maxi
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    4 weeks ago

    No idea without seeing what really happened, however he was reactive ( not agressive) and dogs reacting like this is normally fear based, could be fear of the people/children who walked by. eg one or more were staring/wearing a hat, moving quickly, high pitched voice, could be fear based in regards to possession guarding either you or the other dog or fear based because the pup is simply not socialised or 7 months old it should have already had pet obedience classes and with two pups this needs to be done separately or they rely/bond with each other and not with owner/handler, also the more submissive one builds a negative confidence which can make them reactive in lots of situations........

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If he's only 7 months, this was probably to do with not being used to being around children so he was afraid - and with that kind of dog, attack is seen as the best form of defence. Kids move quickly and have high pitched voices, which again if the young dog isn't used to that, he may well react.

    It may be that you should have him sit quietly with you when there are children around, BUT with some dogs, that could give them the message that there is something to be worried about with kids. In which case, keeping one step ahead and moving him away from such situations without unduly reacting yourself, could be the best way forward.

    Basically this is about socialisation, and how you do that would depend on whether the dog has a weak temperament in the first place, or not.

    Two puppies - did they both react like this? Having two at the same time is generally seen as unwise.

    • Josh4 weeks agoReport

      The female wanted to play I drag him In the car

  • Nathan
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    4 weeks ago

    Children are unpredictable, maybe they were moving too closely or quickly for his liking. Dear in dogs is disguised as aggression, so they probably frightened him. I suggest trying to show him that children are a good thing, so asking some that he has not growled at to give him a great would work. Once he growls, remove him from the situation - he is warning them to stay away and if they come closer he will bite them out of fear

  • 4 weeks ago

    It depends what sort of dog he is. Some breeds are aggressive and nasty.

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