Why does my scalp hurt ?

My scalp is either hurting or burning like I have a rash I'm not washing my hair too much I've been to the emergency Room twice the 1st time they gave me an Anti-inflammatory and the 2nd time they gave me an   Antibiotic and I'm still having this issue It hurt so badd and I can't sleep anybody have any idea of what it is I don't have dandruff my scalp and hair and dry it's actually oily how do I get rid of this and ease the pain

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Oatmeal shampoo, Lager beer, and Epsom salt..  mix well , WARM in a micro-wave or on the stove,, shampoo hair and let sit 20 minutes minimum.  keep eyes shut.. I find doing it in a bath more relaxing.. rinse well..  (do not condition) once a day..  you should feel better in a week..

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