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Snails? Crayfish?

What's with France's unusual cuisine?

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I would never eat a snail. However, they are a gastropod mollusc. Many other cultures routinely eat other molluscs such as oysters, whelks, mussels, squid and octopus. While I would never eat any mollusc, if people choose to eat seafood molluscs the concept of eating snails is very little different.

    As to crayfish - these are decapod crustaceans in common with lobster and crab. Lots of cultures eat these and consider them a luxury, high value food. Again, I would never eat them as they are in the same phylum (arthropoda) as insects, spiders and bugs.

    My personal tastes and habits are based on the fact I am a zoologist and I find the idea of eating invertebrates disgusting. It's not irrational as it is based on reasoning, however I accept my reasoning is strange.

    As an interesting aside, the word 'disgusting' means 'bad tasting', but in modern use is not so much about taste as personal preferences/prejudices. Also, the grimacing facial expression people make when they eat something with a taste or texture they do not like is written into our genes (i.e. not learned) and a way of warning others in the group not to try the food. Infants make the face instinctively, without learning it from their parents. Also, you can see the same facial expression being made by other primates (e.g. chimpanzees) which is a strong indicator of our evolutionary association with chimps and other apes.

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