How can I open a medspa or something similar in California?


I'm 2 years etc far off but I want to start preparing myself. I am 26 and a sophomore in college  (I have a good paying job and was indecisive in a major so I was taking my time). I have now decided that I want to open a medspa, I would open it alongside my mom so taking out a loan should be no problem plus we have a good chunk saved. My mom is going to take aesthetician course and I'm majoring in marketing (I still have time to change if you guys think there is a better major?) and I have two best friends who are nurses and are open to the idea.  I have read different things such as you need to be a physician to open one up and others say otherwise. Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance ! 


I am open to other similar business suggestions in case there was no possibility for me to open my own medical spa. Since I still have a couple of years to act on anything ANY suggestion would be appreciated. My state medical board answers online are very broad (which makes me question if there's other ways you can) but I have seen some spas that don't (may be operating illegally?)and researched other places which also state you don't. I will try calling my SMB directly tomorrow. thank you !

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  • 8 months ago

    You need to consult an attorney for specific requirements. A medspa usually offers procedures which can only be performed by a licensed MD, who will have to own (perhaps part-own) the spa. Other procedures will have different licensing requirements for staff performing them. You will need an attorney to get very specific, detailed info on licensing requirements, ownership requirements, and various licenses you will need to obtain for your facilities as well as for staff.

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  • 8 months ago

    There are several things to consider and it is going to take some time for you to research it.  As Karen noted, there are many "medspa" treatments that require a licensed MD to perform and that MD had to be at least a part owner of the facility.  I can't tell you exactly what those procedures are, but you and your mother should be able to research those.  Other procedures can be done by a nurse or a esthetician.  Other services sometimes connected to a spa can be done by just about anyone.

    As for your major, running a small business well really requires knowledge (not necessarily a major) in things like accounting/billing, taxes, negotiating contracts will suppliers, employment law, etc.  While marketing is certainly essential to get customers, most of running a business is about the financial side.  If you don't have those skills, you'll need to hire people who do.  

    While I appreciate your desire to run your own business, you might find working for an existing medspa would give you valuable insights before launching your own.

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  • 8 months ago

    If you're offering treatments or procedures which California requires to be performed by a physician, then a physician not only has to own the business, he or she must work in it.

    Since you don't yet know exactly what kind of place you want to open, it's impossible for anyone to give you any specific advice. 'Medspa or something similar' is pretty vague.

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